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Willow spike adult sexual content fanfiction

Dragged by Acila [ Reviews - 1 ] Summary : Willow has lost everyone she's ever loved. Death Beckons Those Who seek It. However, when he tries delivering peaches to an obscure mountain base, he finds that the Harris luck has followed him to Stargate Command. He decides to give him a run for his money. Make A Wish and Close Your Eyes by Acila [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary : If you got the option to go back and change one choice, and alter your path, what would you chose to change No profits are being made by use of these images.

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After feeding a group of lawyers to his clan, Angel thinks he may be losing his chance at redemption. Willows really confused. Willow and Spike rescue him, but will they be able to save him? However, Willow sees the pain he is in and tries to help. Xander is sent to Cascade to learn about Sentinels--well, that and to get him away from Spike--but he learns about a bit more than just Sentinels. This is a continuation of the series from a Great Perverted Game.


Out the backdoor to Spike's they flew, A game of dares is what they all do! Story is complete. Xander wakes up in the Initiative wondering just what has gone wrong with his life. Oh well.
Spike is out hunting and spots Xander, originally aiming to kill him, but changes his mind and keeps him as a Pet. Where to look for food and supplies. His plan to woo the slayer is well underway, and he is not about to let the idiot get Buffy or Dawn killed because he can't understand even the simpliest of rules--like don't summon demons. See next asian arts of india
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